About Ypsilon Music

Ypsilon Music was formed by British singer/songwriter Mike Wilson. Mike, was born in Aberdeen Scotland, and was brought up in the Middlesbrough area in the North East of England.

Mike’s history has seen him work with some of the biggest name's in the music business, from everyone from Bon Jovi to Nick Kershaw, he was also the lead vocalist for the cult Irish rock band Mama's Boys. Mike, is also one of the most in demand Vocal coaches in Europe, We could go on and on about his production credits but, Mike, won’t let us :-)

From it's initial roots as a publishing company, Ypsilon Music has now expanded into an area where music meets design in the form of YMDesign for video and merchandise. Above all what remains important to us all at Ypsilon Music, is that we strive to maintain the highest quality of work possible, whether this is a new song, a soundtrack for your website, a video or a T shirt Please enjoy the Ypsilon Music Website.

Best Wishes.
The YM Crew.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching has always been a very important part of Ypsilon Music. From it’s very early beginnings in our first recording studio, Mike insisted, that some time had to be given towards the development of new talent, with the aim to help them realise there potential and not make the same mistakes that so many make when they first set out to make a name for themselves. The courses that we came up with cover all aspects of pre-production from the development of the song, to making sure that the artist will be ready and comfortable to make there first step into recording. For more information regarding the courses, please feel free to contact us via the site contact page.

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